1. Prior to cleaning, shearing and defining it is a best if you have a section the size of your palm before starting these steps. This is what will create a velvet feel to your rug. Be patient and take your time. 2. Using the point of the knitting needle working horizontally, slide the point between the two rows making sure all the loops are cut. Make sure all the yarn is standing up and not tangled. Be sure to mark any holes you have missed and remove any short loops and mark with a toothpick on the back side. Continue until the entire area has been cleaned. 3. Holding your rug flat with your left hand under the area to be sheared using your applique scissors start shearing in a circular motion using only the center of the blade. After you shear use the moon shaped side to scrap the areas cut to pull up any long yarn. Continue shearing the area supported flat by the left hand until the velvet look appears. Never shear using the tips of the applique scissors blade. If you shear too close to the edge you will cut too much off creating a ridge when you poke the rows next to that This step can also be done with the rug on a table laying flat. 4. Shearing and cleaning is best done after you get a palm size area . If you wait until you finish the rug you will find the rug very heavy and not pliable enough to do a great job. 5. Turn your rug perpendicular to direction you have already sheared (lengthwise ). Using the knitting needle slide point through the rows of cut loops making sure there are no tangles. Be sure to mark any missed holes with a toothpick on the back. Continue until entire area has been cleaned.