How to Get Started

  • Is there an unfinished rug in your closet that you or a family member has started?
  • If it is a frameless punch needle rug we can finish it for you.
  • Our rug finishers are top quality punchers who have made several rugs.
  • We have the necessary tools and will match yarn colors if indicated
  • Please understand that most rugs will take a several months to complete.

Info needed for an estimate:

  • Name of rug and category (Persian, Chinese, Modern, Southwest etc.) if possible.  If you do not see the name on rug look for a piece of paper that has the outline of rug with assigned numbers
  • Length x width  in inches.
  • Approximate percentage of area punched.
  • Number of skeins of wool left
  • Digital picture of entire  front and back

 Contact us via phone or email with the necessary info above and we will return an estimate based on that information but will firm the estimate upon seeing the actual rug.

330-655-9635 or


ORD Caucasian Genghas Prayer