Make Your Fringe 1. Decide the length of your fringe. It can be 2′-6″ long depending on the size of your rug. If you want to knot your fringe be sure to make it long enough to accommodate the knots. 2. Using your Trim Tool set the length of fringe. 3. Place the yarn through the groove on the side before you start to wrap it around the set length of the tool. 4. Wrap the yarn about 2 – 3 times around the full length of the tool. 5. Using your scissors cut the yarn in the opening at the bottom.
Place Your Fringe 1. Pull the tails up through the crocheted chain so it becomes part of the fringe. 2. Place the crochet hook into the first hole, fold fringe in half and pull through . Pull the 2 ends through the loop creating a loop over the top of fringe. This loop must be on top of the rug. 3. Repeat this process to the end of the rug. Be sure to make the tails on the ends part of the last fringe. 4. You can get decorative by placing knots in a variety of sequences.6. Set your fringe aside and start to wrap it again. It may take several sets of fringe to make enough.