Crochet the Short Sides 1. Starting on one end push the crochet hook through the second or third hole in the corner pulling the double yarn through the hole. 2. Leaving a tail the length of your fringe, pull the end of yarn through to that length. Using the other piece of yarn grab a section of it and do 3 single crochets that will resemble a chain. 3. Push the crochet hook into the next hole , grabbing the bitter end of the yarn. Pull the end through the hole so you have two loops over the crochet hook.. Wrap the bitter end around the hook and pull it through the two loops. This is a double crochet. 4. Continue the double crochet through the entire length of the rug. Skip every 10th hole so the crochet edge doesn’t pucker. If the finished edge is wavy you will need to pull it out skipping more holes to make it lay flat. 5. When you reach the end pull a long end through the last loop leaving the tail as long as your fringe. 6. Return to the opposite end and repeat the double crochet at least for 3 rows. The larger the rug the more rows you can crochet. 7. Be sure to pull the tails at both ends up through the end stitches. These tails can be a part of your fringe. This is why it is so critical to make sure the ends are as long as the fringe.