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Gingher Applique Scissors




Gingher Applique Scissors

  • are designed to clean and sculpt your rug.
  • have a bent angle handle that allows one to shear flat while hand is perpendicular to the sheared edge.
  • have a half moon shape on the shears that is used for scraping up the pile which is very critical step to get a smooth velvety rug.
  • are grabbing the yarn and not cutting it clean it’s time to get them sharpened.
  • catch or drag when you close them they need to be “flossed”
  • use waxed dental floss and pull it around the screw that holds it together.  Pull it around the blades carefully and pull floss down to the screw.
  • sometimes just flossing will make a big difference.


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Weight .50 lbs